about rvlt

The RVLT is a local, private, non-profit, corporation dedicated to the preservation of natural areas and farmland in the River Raisin watershed. Founded in 1992, we rely on donations of time, money, conservation easements and property to meet our goals. We also participate in local efforts aimed at maintaining our rural communities.

  • The RVLT is recognized by the State of Michigan and the IRS as a non-profit, tax exempt organization.
  • The RVLT offers individual landowners a legal, voluntary and independent way to control land development. The donation of property or conservation easements to the RVLT guarantees valuable natural and historic resources are preserved for future generations.
  • The RVLT’s board is made up of residents from communities within the River Raisin watershed, and assumes guardianship of easements and properties donated to the RVLT.